Plans des villes, France

Monpazier La Bastide modèle
Monpazier the model for a fortified towns

Each plan de ville is thoroughly researched by the designer/artist, Keith Godard. They are hand rendered, drawn with accuracy and finally observed for details by walking and taking visual notes street by street. Original artwork is water coloured on line drawings and printed by the finest of French offset printing in the Dordogne region. They have been exhibited in museums in the Perigord Noir.


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Villefranche, Belvès, Baynac, Castelnaud and Domme are villages of the Perigord Noir region in southwest France.  Each town map was thoroughly researched for accuracy and detailed by the artist/designer, Keith Godard who walked every street to document the shape of the windows and the color of the buildings. The drawings are then water-colored and scanned reducing them for lithographic offset printing.  The drawings and the original paintings illustrating the process of making the plans have been exhibited in the la Musèe des Bastides in Monpazier and the Musèes des  Belvès titled ”Le Perigord et New York en Images”.





Exhibition ‘Unfolding Keith Godard’ was held at the Four Zero Art Space in Hangzhou, China.  It covered work from the late sixties through to the twenty first century. The title is in reference to the unprecedented use of paper folding shown in a series of posters and inventiveness displayed in visual information design by using various materials in exhibitions, wayfinding and publications. The exhibition was arranged and curated by the renowned Chinese designer, Jianping He, who has studios in Berlin and Hangzhou.

Make Your Own Museum


Make Your Own museum was conceived and designed for the J.Paul Getty Museum in Malibu. This kit comes with an instruction book and display parts representing:  paintings, photographs, sculpture and furniture that is in the Getty Museum’s collection.  The kit allows the user to “curate” exhibitionsby displaying objects of their choice in three-dimensional cardboard galleries. It teaches children what museums are all about, how artworks are collected and presented in galleries. It also shows behind-the-scenes aspects of a museum and allows children to share and swap art pieces.